Monday, August 17, 2015

Another long overdue good idea - improve your tomatoes' health with a Compost Basket

Build a Compost Basket next to tomato plants

Right in your garden beds build a compost basket; a chicken wire basket filled with dry grass, green grass, chopped up vegetable waste and good top soil.   Water it.  Your tomatoes will love you for this idea.  They will have larger clusters of tomatoes and ripen quicker on the vine.

The big advantage is - when you water or it rains, all that soil health you are generating while making compost moves into your tomato's root system.  This is God's organic composting process at work, which grows your health and required no money.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Food and Soil Testing

The food we eat is only as GOOD as the SOIL it is growing in.

So here is a food / soil test:

Seeds have been planted in glass jars to watch what happens underground


#1 Radish seeds in layers made up of compost, straw, compost, wood sticks and wood bark and compost

#2  Radish seeds in 100% homemade compost

#3 Radish seeds in Native Clay soils

Teaching jars ... The 2 jars on the right side of photo

A. Native Clay Soils for viewing

B. Composting in a glass jar so you can see the different layers
From the bottom up:
Layer 1. Dry grass
Layer 2. Chopped wet greens
Layer 3. Top soil
Layer 4. Dry grass
Layer 5. Wood ash very small amount
Layer 6. Vegetable waste
Layer 7.  More top soil   NOTE after 12 days the glass jar on the right turned to compost

Here is a photo of this
 test .